Best Colors for Cool Skin Tone

Cool Complexions, your cool complexion color wheel provides you with your best colors to wear for clothing, make up, nail polish, jewelry, and hair coloring! Your cool colors make you look healthier, sexier, younger, and refreshed. Why buy and wear colors that make you look dull, older, tired, or pale when you can always look gorgeous in your best colors?

Your hair, eyes, and skin color is soft, gentle, and low intensity along with a low contrast between your hair, eyes, and skin. Your best colors have blue based undertones and not yellow, orange or golden based undertones. Colors across from each other on your cool color wheel complement one another and create a pleasing contrast. Colors next to each other within a single hue blend well together. Your cool neutrals blend well with all your cool colors. Wear your colorful hues from your cool color wheel next to your face. Keep browns and beiges away from your face and limit them to pants, skirts, bags, shoes, belts, and stockings. Avoid black, pure white, apricot, orange, and orange-reds. 


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