Warm Complexion Jewelry Tip

Warm Complexions, you have yellow-golden-peach skin undertones.Next to gold, your face looks healthy, clear, radiant, younger, and refreshed. Next to silver, your face appears pale, ashen, sallow, discolored, dull, or older. Warm Complexions have gentle, delicate, soft, low intensity coloring and low contrast between their hair, eyes, and skin.

Your best jewelry and accessories are gold, emerald, amethyst, peridot, coral, jade, turquoise, amber, and creamy pearls. Also, you can pick any color from your warm color wheel or match jewelry and accessories to your hair color or your eye color! For your eyeglasses frame, use golden tones. In addition, you can match eyeglasses frame to your hair or eye color or pick a color from your warm color wheel. You will never go wrong with your complexion’s most flattering colors!

Spend wisely, save time, enhance your appearance and improve your mood with your complexion’s  best colors.

All of the examples of jewelry shown here are in your warm complexion best colors and are available at Neiman Marcus, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co., and Nordstrom. Click on image for more details.


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