Cool Skin Tone – OPI Nail Polish Colors

Cool Complexions, OPI offers you these beautiful and nontoxic nail polish colors to harmonize with your cool skin tone. These cool colors complement and look gorgeous next to your cool skin tone because you were born with blue-pink-red skin undertones and look your best in silver or platinum jewelry.  Next to silver, your face looks healthy, clear, radiant, younger, and refreshed while next to gold, your face appears pale, ashen, sallow, discolored, dull, or older.

Your best colors have cool or blue- based undertones.  Use your cool complexion color wheel to pick your best nail polish colors. Blend or match your cool nail polish colors with the color of your cool lipstick and cool blush by referring to your cool color wheel.  Avoid warm based or yellow undertones, apricot, orange, orange-red, copper, and dark colors.

Spend your money wisely by buying your most flattering colors, save your time shopping for your best colors, enhance your appearance and improve your mood with your best colors for cool skin tone!